Welcome to Our Nightmarish Pool Experience!

Update (02-26-10): today someone reminded me that I haven't updated this site for quite awhile. Here are two newer pieces of information:

  • An on-line article that appear last March in The Cranbery Eagle newspaper.

  • Last summer's contempt order in the case mentioned below. I don't know if he is appealing the judge's contempt order. (For some reason it was scanned and saved upside-down, but it can be rotated from within Acrobat Reader: view rotate.) It shows that we won a judgment of almost $16,000 in the case.

This site is devoted to our horrible experience with Tom Hodak and his construction—or more accurately, his lack of completion and what we consider to be his poor quality attempts at construction—of our swimming pool and patio area in 2004. The work was eventually expertly completed by Superior Pools and Walks and Walls (and me).

For additional information, call me, Andy Spero, at 724.940.0255 or send an e-mail to andy@AESpero.com.

Please don't make my mistake. Talk to me or read our depositions (if and when they are available on line) before you sign any contract or give money to him, and understand why I was compelled to buy this domain name and publish this site since September, 2004.

Here is a direct link to the main case of interest, GD-95-012947: http://dcr.alleghenycounty.us/CaseDetails.asp?AnotherCaseID=TRUE&CaseID=GD-95-012947&ComingFromWelcomeScreen=&BeginDate=&EndDate=&From=. Unfortunately, the last time that we checked, not all of the consumer depositions are on line.

If the above link is bad, then please go to the web site of the Allegheny County Prothonotary, and perform a search of number case number GD-95-012947. We don't think that it is necessary to do so, but you can register (for free) by creating a user id, then logon and search. If you are interested in other cases in Allegheny County, then search “Tom Hodak,” and you will find various proceedings.

We do not believe that the surrounding counties, e.g., Butler, have web-searchable records.

The main suit of interest, GD-95-012947, was filed by the Pennsylvania State Attorney General, specifically the Consumer Protection Bureau. I believe the “95” refers to when the first case was filed.

In 2008, three other former customers and I were deposed by the Attorney General’s office and Mr. Hodak’s attorney while the Attorney General sought (and won) the contempt injunction order.

In 2004, several other customers were also deposed, and the prothonotary’s site gives their names, too.

In the past, Tom Hodak has operated in the Pittsburgh, PA area (Southwestern Pennsylvania) as Quality Pools and Spas (on his business card he gave us) or 898-Pools (on the contract). However, those court documents referenced above show that he has operated under other names, as well, such as Pool King West. We believe that he is currently operating under another business name.

If you are interested in details of the last round of litigation, please contact Jesse F. Harvey (412.565.2882), who is a Senior Deputy Attorney General in Pitttsburgh. He led the Commonwealth’s effort to win the contempt decree in the above referenced suit.

You may be interested in past bankruptcies, too. Information about those are available at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western Pennsylvania District, and information about that site’s on-line retrieval system is available on their FAQ page. To access the system, you will have to enroll via PACER. His personal bankruptcy case number until February 11, 2005 was: 03-33917-TPA. On that date, Judge Thomas Agresti denied Hodak’s petition for a Chapter 13 reorganization. Here is his ruling as a pdf file.

Because of this site, other people who are or were dissatisfied with Tom Hodak have contacted me. If they have subsequently changed their minds, they have not informed us. In addition, if you would like your name and contact information to appear on this site, please send a message to me.

Bryan Jordan, formerly of Butler County, filed a suit prior to Tom Hodak’s latest bankruptcy. He is one of the four individuals who gave a deposition to the Attorney General in 2008. Pat and Kym Vhalos of Upper St. Clair can describe their backyard and foundation problems and the high cost of repair. They were also deposed for the current case. Bill Shipley of Evans City mentioned to me that he won a judgment against Tom Hodak in Butler County Court, you may wish to contact him, regarding his experience. Contact Earl West to hear about his problems, or call David Giancola at 724.272.9926 about the lawsuit he described. David Lytle at 724.352.3322 is another person who contacted me, as did Mark Williams at 724.538.4347. In October, 2007, at attorney from Missoula, MT contacted me. This year, additional men contacted me about recent events. (All links were valid at the time they were initially posted.)

If we have the time, we will add the photos and video that we have to this page, but all of the photos require resizing (to smaller sizes) and the video is a large file and is expensive to provide. From our perspective, it was a horrible experience. Caveat emptor.

At the time of this posting, we believe that all information presented is true and up-to-date. If you are aware of any discrepancies or if any circumstances mentioned above change, please e-mail that information to us.

The last time that we updated this site, we read a beautiful passage from the Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 5, Verse 37): Let your “Yes” mean “Yes” and your “No” mean “No.” Anything more is from the evil one. In that spirit of truth, we present this information.